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The three most common questions people ask me about mindfulness

Updated: May 22

Woman sitting cross-legged facing towards some green mountains

Mindfulness? 🤔 I bet it’s a word you’ve seen several times highlighted everywhere in the past few years. Honestly, are you a bit unsure about what it is? It’s OK! Let me share with you my top three questions (including short answers). Ready? Here we go!

1. What’s mindfulness?

I love Jon Kabat-Zinn’s definition! (He is the creator of the first mindfulness-based eight-week course: MBSR)

It’s the state of awareness that arises when we pay attention in the present moment, on purpose, seeing the things exactly as they are, non-judgementally (I would add: “with kindness and compassion as well 💕)

2. Is mindfulness the same thing as meditation?

Not necessarily. You can practise mindfulness by paying attention to your daily activities like brushing your teeth, washing the dishes or taking the trash out. And you can also practise Mindfulness meditation by sitting down with your eyes closed and connecting with your breath and body.

3. Can it help me manage stress effectively?

Yes! You can learn to respond instead of react to the things that happen to you. Oh, but we do need to practise! It’s no magic pill, unfortunately. But totally worth it ⭐

💬 Got more questions about mindfulness? Leave them in the comments, so we can keep the conversation rolling.

🙋‍♀️ Want to give a try to practising mindfulness and got little time? I got you covered here.

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