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There is no mindfulness olympics 🥇

Updated: Apr 12

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In today's fast-paced and competitive world, driven by metrics and benchmarks, it's very easy to get ourselves caught up in the trap of comparison. In my 'previous life' in the banking sector, setting SMART goals accompanied by key performance indicators (KPIs) was a MUST. Whether it was the number of new products launched, reports submitted to stakeholders, or time invested in training, each served as clear measures of progress. Now, as a mindfulness teacher and coach, navigating the online world, the pressure to measure up continues, and it manifests in a different form. My KPIs now include indicators such as course sales, coaching hours, new clients, and social media engagement. And these metrics can become a reflection of my perception of success. Can you relate to this struggle?

Mindfulness is a personal journey

In this context, it's also tempting to measure our own mindfulness practice against others', especially when we are scrolling social media, but let's remind ourselves: There is no mindfulness Olympics. No gold medal awaits the one who meditates the longest or the most frequently. Mindfulness isn't a competition; it's a deeply personal journey of self-discovery and growth. The essence of mindfulness lies not in comparison but in connection -with ourselves, our surroundings, and the present moment. It begins with a simple act: taking one long, deep breath, fully immersing ourselves in the here and now. It's about cultivating awareness, tuning into the sensations of our bodies (have you felt your little toe of your left foot lately?), and embracing each moment with openness and curiosity.

While formal mindfulness practices, such as a sitting meditation, undoubtedly play a vital role in strengthening our 'awareness' muscle, it's important to remember that mindfulness extends far beyond the meditation cushion. It's about integrating kind awareness into our daily lives, infusing each moment with intention and presence.

So, where do we begin?

You could set an intention: a small yet meaningful commitment to ourselves. Perhaps it's dedicating just five minutes each day to meditation, carving out a sacred space amidst the chaos of our lives. And please, let's release the grip of perfectionism; there's beauty in imperfection, in the messy, unpredictable nature of life. As a mother to a highly energetic toddler, uncertainty has been a constant companion in my life for the past few years.

Life's circumstances may not always afford us the luxury of a stable routine. Whether it's the demands of parenthood or our busy life-work schedules, adaptation becomes our ally. We learn to be flexible, meeting ourselves where we are with kindness and compassion.

Consider tracking your progress: a visual reminder of your commitment to mindfulness. Whether it's a simple checkmark on a piece of paper like a habit tracker, or a dedicated space on your whiteboard, let it serve as a source of encouragement on your journey.

📝 Reflection time

Now, I invite you to reflect or even journal about these two questions:

  1. What intention will you set for your mindfulness practice?

  2. How long will you dedicate to nurturing this sacred space within yourself?

Remember, there's no right or wrong answer, only what feels true to you. And if you are finding something stopping you, perhaps explore why this could be happening.

📱 Portable resource

As you embark on this journey, allow me to offer an affirmation to guide and support you:

'I embrace each moment with openness and curiosity, knowing that my journey is uniquely mine. I am enough, just as I am'.

May this affirmation serve as a gentle reminder of the infinite potential within you. Perhaps while you are paying kind attention to the breathing sensations in your body. The best part? You can download this wallpaper for your mobile phone, so you can take this affirmation with you wherever you go.


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