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Radical forgiveness

My own forgiveness story

After my fair share of failed relationships, I was feeling brokenhearted and lost. I thought I was not going to be able to move on.

When I learnt how to practise Mindfulness, it helped me become aware of my thoughts and feelings. I was able to connect with a sense of inner calm more often, but I still felt I needed something else. Something to help me process my feelings.

That’s when I found a Radical Forgiveness workshop and my life changed!

Want to know more about it? Please keep reading.

Pili sitting crossed-legged holding the radical forgiveness book. She's wearing a gray sweater and black trousers. The background is Christmas-like.

Frequently asked questions

Why forgive?

Because when we don't forgive, we live tied up to the past. This deprives us of precious energy from the present which does not allow us to take the next steps to create a happier future. The worst part is that if we don't forgive, we can get sick. Those stories keep playing in a loop in the back of our minds, causing stress which makes our sympathetic nervous system secrete adrenaline and destabilising several functions of our bodies.

Is forgiveness condoning?

Absolutely not. Our 'victim story' is acknowledged, we learn from it, and move on. But, as the 'law of cause and effect' indicates: Every action always has consequences in this world.

What is Radical forgiveness?

This method was created by Colin Tipping. As a result of his work in retreats with cancer patients in the early nineties, he realised that most of them had pending issues to forgive.

In his book 'Radical Forgiveness' he proposed that we transform the victim archetype that we assume when something "bad" happens to us. For this we have to fully feel our story from a victim point of view and from there, we can begin to change our perspective on our lives.

What can Radical forgiveness help you with?

  • Heal personal relationships.

  • Let go of anger and blame.

  • Find peace in any situation.

This is a work that you do on yourself, connected with feelings of love, gratitude and compassion. You do not need to "grant" your forgiveness to the other. It just takes your willingness and openness to try to see your story from a different perspective. A vision aligned with your spiritual growth.

If you are feeling a bit skeptical about this method, please note that you can still apply it in your life. As Colin would say: 'You can fake it until you make it!'

'Radical Forgiveness challenges us to fundamentally shift our perception of the world and our interpretation of what happens to us so we can stop being victims.' — Colin Tipping

How can we work together?

Individual coaching sessions

  • 30-minute discovery call.

  • 1-hour online session via Zoom.

  • We will use together the main Radical Forgiveness tools.

  • You will have access to downloadable resources 

  • Coaching packages available.

Radical forgiveness workshop

  • Six online two-hour weekly sessions.

  • Review and discussion of the five stages of Radical Forgiveness. I will also teach you how to use the main Radical Forgiveness tools.

  • We will read the Radical forgiveness book.

  • Access to downloadable resources.

Attendees of my Radical Forgiveness course said...

Giulianna C., Peru

'A beautiful experience. Going through the Radical Forgiveness process hand in hand with Pili was a real privilege. I gained incredible tools and can only say: Thank you!'

Curious about the transformative power of Radical forgiveness?

Discover the profound impact it can have on your life by joining me for a discovery call. Let's explore together how Radical Forgiveness can bring positive change into your journey!

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