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Debunking five popular myths about meditation

Updated: Apr 17

Woman meditating while being cross-legged with a background of mountains during the sunrise

Have you thought about meditating, but feel something is stopping you? Maybe the reason why is in one of these popular myths. I will debunk them for you in just a couple of minutes. Join me? Here we go!

  1. My mind must be empty to meditate. I got good news and bad news for you. Your mind will NEVER be empty. Sorry, if you expected something different. BUT, the good news is that with Mindfulness meditation, we gradually learn to see our thoughts just as they are, and let them go.

  2. The only way to meditate is cross-legged like the Buddha. Nope. You can meditate lying down, standing up, walking and sitting down on a chair. There’s no excuse now.

  3. Meditation is for Buddhist monks/nuns only. Nope too. Anyone can meditate and in any place.

  4. I can’t concentrate, therefore I can’t meditate. Wrong! When you meditate, you come back to the present whenever you get distracted. Over and over again. No matter how many times it happens.

  5. Meditation is just a relaxation technique. Noooo! It’s so much more. Honestly, if you get relaxed while lying down before to bed, it’s a win. BUT, you can also go into deep introspection or even feel nothing. It’s OK. Every practice is different.

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💬 Did I help you debunk some old myths about meditation? Which one was it? Any other myths I missed? Please do tell me in the comments.

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