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Hiya! I’m Pili Rivera.

I worked for 15 years in the global banking industry. Although I loved my job, I lived in a state of constant stress. I felt physically and mentally exhausted until I found out about Mindfulness and my life completely changed.

Mindful Pili is the result of my own path of self-discovery and training. Here you will find information and resources on some of the different tools I have applied on myself over the years and that may also resonate with you. If you would like us to work together, you will find below different options.

How can we work together?

Cross-legged person meditating with their hands on the air in a praying posture

Did you know that you do not have to 'empty your mind' in order to meditate? Actually, we never stop thinking. But mindfulness can help you see your thoughts and feelings non-judgementally and with kindness. When you have a regular mindfulness practice, you learn to be in the present moment, connecting with a sensation of inner calm more often.

An extended hand holding a heart

The personal relationships we have with family members, friends, partners, colleagues can make us accumulate feelings of anger, frustration, guilt and shame for many years. These interactions can impact our health both physically and emotionally. Through Radical Forgiveness we can learn to transform our beliefs, healing the relationship with ourselves and others.

Image of a greenish apple

Sometimes we forget that our lives are more than just going to work, eating and sleeping. Our routine has taken over us, forgetting about what makes us feel happy and fulfilled. That's why it's important to nurture other areas of our lives like creativity and spirituality. Health Coaching can help you figure out what you need and plan accordingly.

Image of a head with two rays coming out of the brain

I would love to teach you the different tools and practices I’ve learnt during my own transformation process, which helped me live in a happier and more conscious manner. Would you like to learn how to meditate? Maybe explore journaling as a self-reflection tool? Or  you feel it’s time to let go some unfinished business from the past and learn Radical Forgiveness?  

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We can work together in different ways! See some options below:

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